Change UID, or app ID?

An app did not uninstall correctly. Because of that, the app did not unsubscribe from receiving webhooks that are addressed to the endpoint ${getApiServerUrl()}/${hubUID}/apps/${}/
In order to unsubscribe from the webhooks, I need to inspect the received data. But the app with that appID has been uninstalled now, so not sure how to do that. Keep getting warning messages in the log saying that a cloud request was received for an app id that doesn't exist.

So, questions that might lead to solution are:
(1) can i change the hub's UID? (so that the webhooks won't reach the hub anymore)
(2) can i pick the app ID of an app? If so, I can reinstall the app, choose the old app ID and try unsubscribing from the webhooks
(3) can an app with one app ID somehow receive at an endpoint for a different app with a different app ID? (e.g., is ${getApiServerUrl()}/${hubUID}/ itself an endpoint that can be monitored, so as to receive data destined for any app?)

This isn't an issue with the app not "unsubscribing" from webhooks to that endpoint. The issue is that something else, perhaps whatever cloud service you set this app up with, is still trying to send things to that endpoint. The hub is simply reporting this fact to you. (If they aren't causing problems, you could really ignore it, though I'd personally prefer to eliminate them so my hub--and Hubitat's cloud servers if these are cloud endpoints--don't need to worry about this at all.)

For that, the solution usually lies on the end of the cloud provider: remove Hubitat from your Alexa, GH, IFTTT, SmartThings HubConnect, or whatever cloud app/provider this app was used with. (Don't do all of those, just whichever you know it was...I was just naming some things that it sometimes could be.) If you're not sure, someone might be able to make good guesses as to what this may have been if you provide more information, including apps you may have had in the past and the endpoint path (token/key not needed).

Thanks. I rooted out the issue today and figured out how to unsubscribe from the webhooks, so the cloud service will stop sending the hub the events. So, question has become moot at least for my original purposes.

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