Change sound on smart siren using OTA - Squawk command IAS Warning Devices cluster

Thanks for reading my post.

I'm trying to get my frient smart siren to play a voice prompt eg "Door open" when the contact sensor is opened. This feature is hidden on the frient documentation, but the original manufacturer of this product SIRZB-110 develco lists the voice prompt feature.

Voice prompt communication with the user

The Smart Siren includes a voice prompt. You can either decide what you wish the voice prompt to say or you can let your customers decide. The Smart Siren has capacity for 130 seconds of sound distributed over 256 sound clips. The siren can play various types of audio such as music, sounds, or speech in up to 8 different languages.

You can record standard messages for the speaker to play in certain scenarios, such as “alarm”, “fire” and “motion” in combination with areas like “kitchen”, “living room” and “bedroom”. For instance, you can program the voice prompt to say “alarm activated in living room” or “fire detected in kitchen”.

Connected to a gateway, the sound packages can be wirelessly and easily updated (OTA-updates), making it easy for you to add new sound files to an existing solution.

So far I have been able to add the siren as a device to my hubitat, I can play a basic siren noise and chirp but have no clue how I'd go about recording a message to the siren. Your wise insight would really help me.

manufacturer: frient A/S
model: SIRZB-110

Maybe try the the Zooz ZSE19 driver, it would be the Zooz S2 Multisiren.

The Zooz ZSE19 siren doubled as security siren and played custom sounds (PC > Device via USB cable). Mine has failed and they don't make it anymore. Scrambling to find a replacement and integrated into my system.

@bcopeland - Would you be able to offer any assistance?