Change Requeste in Motion Lighting Apps for GE Dimmers

As many of you knows the GE Dimmers have the "feature" :wink: to need to turn it on when we set a dim level. I mean, if the dimmer is off and we setup a level it continue off until you turn it on.
For some of the people here as I could read this is a problem, for me is a very nice feature I can use in some conditions.

Now with the App Motion Lighting I have an issue I would like to solve with an HE update.
When we set a new rule on this App the screen is this one:

As you can see you can setup first a level and then turn on the dimmer, this work well indeed, the problem is I realize the app first turn on the dimmer and then dim the light.

The result of this is a behaviour sometimes not nice mainly in the morning when you setup a very low level in order to keep your sleepy eyes protected of the strong light and when the light gots on the first flash came with a very high intensity and then it got dimmed inmediately.
That happend of course the first time but isn't nice. I guess is the order of this actions on the program, even when in the setup screen the dim must occur first is the opposite.

Can this small bug be fixed? (and I know... sorry my english :wink: is hard to explain sometimes an idea in english)

with the new update you don’t have to turn on the switch. just set the dimmer level and then the switch will turn on also.

jrau272 I update today my hub and just now after your response I tried and is not working... I need to turn on the switch, setting the level is not enough to turn it on on my GE Dimmer.

did you change the driver on your switch and hit the configure button?

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Hoo!!! I didn't realize there is a new driver for this device...Good!
Thank you a lot for the advice!!... I will do it right now.

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