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I just set up my new Hub in my home. It is my second hub as I have one in a seasonal home already. After the Hub came up on the network, I registered it. Then I changed the DHCP IP address to a static address. I can access the Hub via the new IP address when specifying the new address on the web page. Using the old address does not work. When looking at the settings for the Hub, it shows the new static IP address. When I try to find the Hub via the Hubitat Find My Hub it shows the old IP address and I cannot connect to it. Both my hubs show as registered, but my new hub shows the old DHCP IP address. I have rebooted the Hubitat hub with no change. I have the TP-Link Deco XE75 6E Mesh system. I have rebooted this system without any luck. Anything you can help me with would be great.

Does your hub give you a notification in the upper right of the admin interface saying "Cloud connection unavailable" or something to that effect after you entered the static IP? This is a common problem if some piece of information there was not correct. You may need to try a different DNS server, for example. It will default to, but your home router/gateway will also likely function as one and could be used instead, or you can try something else that you know should work.

You will also want to make sure you have no firewall rules in place that might block the connection. The FAQ has some network-related questions and answers that may help you figure out something, too: FAQ - Hubitat.

The reason I'm asking is because the address appears here when it checks in, which it needs an Internet connection to do. Trying one of the "Advanced Discovery" methods in the meantime would probably work to find it, should you actually need to, though with a static IP address (which you'd already know), I assume not.

By the way, some people prefer to set a DHCP reservation in their router instead of using a static IP set directly on the hub. You won't have to worry about any of the above, in that case, since it's all automatic on the hub side. (This also used to be the only method, but I still prefer it myself.)

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Change the DNS to or press the small reset button the bottom of the hub (only round hole out of the square one) with a toothpick or paper clip for 7 seconds. This will reset your network settings only. Then you can reserve the ip in your router. It seems for some reason it doesn't take the dns properly the first go around. Changing it to will likely get it back on line for you if you want to keep static.

Thank you for the feedback. I did reset the hub via button. When I changed the hub to a static route, it showed the IP address in the DHCP pool was static. It did not take the static IP address. I found by rebooting the hub twice, once to reset to DHCP, then to reset to static, it took the static IP address. Everything is working fine now. It is strange as I did not run into these problems with my other hub, also a C-7.

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