Change mode with Alexa


Is there a standard way to change modes using Alexa?

I set up a virtual switch and mode manager which worked OK but it seemed to override the time based automation of mode manager. I was able to "Alexa turn on night mode" when I went to bed which worked great, but when morning rolled around and it should have switched back to Day mode that didn't happen.


I am not entirely happy with the way I do it, but I have a Rule that turnns off the Virtual Switch after a time. The mode change should stay in effect, and the Rule that changes the mode should not change after one itineration. (changes to) This allows other mode changing Rules to affects the Mode, including Mode Manager. I will take any help to making this Virtual Switch into a Virtual Toggle Switch.



A Virtual switch has Auto OFF

Disabled = doesn't auto turn off.

All other values are how long it stays in the On state before turning back to Off.


I can't find the source anymore (maybe it was replaced with a newer app?), but @Cobra had a "Switch Changeover" app that I use in combination with Alexa to set modes using Alexa and virtual switches. It just turns others in a group off when one is turned on. Unfortunately, the rest of my setup sounds similar to yours, so if the "mode change with switch change" thing isn't working for you, I'm not sure it would help (unless you aren't turning the switch off and back on again with a rule or app--I'm not sure if Mode Manager only listens for changes or if it fires the mode change in every "on" even if it's not a change).


Thank you for this. Tested for a while, and it works great!


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