Change Mode Manager based on Motion

This might be a little too much of a corner case, but I would find it useful if Mode Manager could be triggered based on a motion sensor (during a certain time). With SmartThings (and using RM now), I used to have things configured so that when my EcoBee temperature/occupancy sensor detects motion in the bedroom between 6am and 9am, it switches the mode from night mode to day mode. It seems the Ecobee sensor is just the right level of sensitive that it doesn't trigger until I actually get out of bed and walk toward the door, and I've considered doing this with a motion sensor in the hallway near the other bedrooms as well to accommodate shutting off the alarm when guests get up earlier than we do. It would be nearly impossible for a burglar to trigger either of these motion sensors without triggering something else, so we feel pretty safe with the setup.

If it is problematic for some reason, I could just keep doing it with RM, but I like the "clean" setup of having automated mode changes controlled by mode manager.


Already available in rule machine

Thanks, but I mentioned twice in my post that I'm already doing it with RM and explained that I would like the ability to keep all the mode management in Mode Manager. Easier to find problems if all the automations are in the same place.

Automations are ran by rule machine (hence why that specific logic you're asking for is already included in rule machine, that is what it's purpose is. Mode managers purpose is more of a scheduler....but to each is own....

Everything in Mode Manager (and half the other apps out there) could probably be done with Rule Machine. Mode Manager already has the ability to run based on buttons and switches, so it's not like it's a bizarre request for new functionality. I was simply suggesting that it be a bit more complete based on my own use case.

While I don't disagree with you, I have a feeling that implementing mode changes in MM with motion sensors (and I'll add contact sensors as well) would be messy at best. The UI could become very confusing when choosing which motion/contact sensors set which mode and then you have to throw in time restrictions as well.

I actually agree with the OP. I set Night Mode when there's no more motion in the living area for an hour. Would be great to have motion as an addition to Mode Manager so all my modes can be set in one location.

Why would this be messy? It's a whole new UI after the trigger method is selected. Besides, there are other motion UIs like in Hubitat Simple Lighting and that's not messy at all.

Hopefully, they add motion to "Mode Manager". SmartThings had motion as one of the ways to change modes. They had many more triggers also:

  • Presence (Hubitat also has)
  • Alarms
  • Time (Hubitat also has)
  • Switch (Hubitat also has)
  • Button (Hubitat also has)
  • Motion
  • Contact
  • Locks
  • Window shades