Change Light Color Buttons in Dashboard

Looking for help creating Dashboard buttons that will allow me to change light color? I mainly have Zigbee RGBW & Hue Bulbs.

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Were you able to get this feature added? I am also looking to be able to change the color of my Hue lights thru the dashboard.


I did not... started using Sharp Tools instead, but it does not seem to provide color functionality either

I'm working on adding Color Control Tiles to currently. Assuming I don't run into any glaring issues, I would expect it to be included in the next SharpTools platform release. :smiley:

Hey @josh - Fantastic news! That will get me home. Great work with

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Hey @Shortstop - just wanted to give you an update that yesterday's platform release includes Color Control as well as a bunch of other great features. You can find out more in the following post:



Hey @josh - I was just looking at it.. Brilliant! Switching my grandfathered free account to paid to support your great work!


For those who might be looking to do this natively in the hubitat dashboard, you can piece it together using preset color definitions. I chose 8 colors - red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, pink, and white - and created a virtual button for each in hubitat (so that I could name them appropriately, otherwise you could use a single button device with 8 buttons). I then created triggers in Rule Machine that sets a light to that color when the virtual button is pushed. From there, you can add these buttons to a dashboard - I created an individual dashboard for the "color buttons", and put a "dashboard" tile in my primary dashboard to link across.

It's not the most elegant solution, certainly - at the moment I have these buttons and triggers defined individually for each of my rgbw bulbs (only have 2 so far), I'm experimenting with ways to consolidate this logic for when I get more bulbs - I'm reluctant to migrate to a cloud-based dashboard, particularly for tablets mounted at home as local control panels