Change Hub Location From Driver

I have Hubitat in my RV which has a Cradlepoint router that provides a live GPS location streamed to a port on the lan. I was able to write a driver to read that GPS coordinates and I can compare it to the Hub location to see if they're different now I just need help trying to update the Hub location from this driver. I've tried location.setLatitude/setLongitude but that doesn't seem to do anything.

def generateEvents(Map results) {
	def hubLat = location.getLatitude()
	def hubLon = location.getLongitude()
	double wiggle = distanceInMeters(results["Latitude"].doubleValue(), hubLat, results["Longitude"].doubleValue(), hubLon, 0, 0)

	if (wiggle > 15) {
		log.debug "Parsed: ${results}"
		log.debug "Wiggle: ${wiggle}"

		results.each { name, value ->
		if (state[name] != value) {
				state[name] = value
				sendEvent(name: name, value: value)
				log.debug "Value Updated: ${name}:${value}"
		log.debug "Old Hub Lat: ${hubLat}"
		log.debug "Old Hub Lon: ${hubLon}"
		log.debug "Hub Location Updated!"
	return null

Did anything ever come of your GPS update driver?

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