Change email linked to hub issues

I have a hub linked to an email address. This email address for some reason was not able to receive emails. I suspect because it had two periods in the address. It could send emails but anyways. I was not able to activate the account because I was not able to receive the activation code from Hubitat.

I go to settings nub details. "You can manage this registration by logging into My account" I can not however log into my account because I get the account not verified message.

So I'm stuck in this loop, Cant change the email to a new working one. Cant access the one that it is configured for. Am I factory resetting and starting over? Can someone manually verify my account so that I can log in and update it?

Not sure I follow exactly, but @support_team should be able to help work through an account registration issue.

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Yes, please check the upper right corner, you should see a notification for a private message from me. We can verify the account from our end.

Once that step is completed, you could then replace the admin account with your new email address following instructions in below post:

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