Change Device Preferences in RM

Is it possible to change a device's preferences in RM?
I have a Zen26 switch. One of the preferences is the "Off Timer".
Can I set that programmatically in RM?
When I try to access custom commands I get the following:

The "off Timer" is here:

You can only execute commands from Rule Machine. So, if the driver for the device supports changing the preferences from a command then you can. Otherwise, no, you can't.

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I would set the timer preference to "0" (off) and use a rule to turn off automatically after a time if I wanted. That gives flexibility to customize on-time based on the specific rule.


No, you can't set the preferences from a Rule. Those can only be set in the device. Exception would be if a driver author surfaced a command that changed a preference.

I was suggesting doing this on the device's page (preferences). Then in the rules, call a delay action when turned on based on the situation. You can then set up situational rules.

  • Motion detected - turn on then in 15 minutes turn off.
  • Doorbell ring - turn light on. HSM status is at home, turn off after 15 minutes. If HSM is away, manual off.