Change background image by mode

Is it possible to change the background image of a tile by mode or GV? That would make for some cool dashboards! I'm dreaming of using photos of rooms, lights etc and having the image change according to device status.

No using the current data structure.

  • For devices, the background image is independent of mode.
  • For Templates (i.e., color bulb) you can change the background and foreground color by Mode. However, you can change the icon by mode.

I did a quickie in my test dashboard using a image in device and background color in templates. Used a image of a radio station I use in my Speaker Dashboard (I use a different one for each preset station):

There appears to be some flexibility to differentiate devices (by image) and mode (by background color).

Yeah, thank you. It's quite limited right now and won't achieve what I wanted. It would be great if we could swap out the background image according to mode. For example, a tile for mode could have a different image depending on the mode: day, evening, night etc.

So, for evening or night I could change the image (instead of the day image shown here).

Same with images of rooms or devices. Switch them out depending upon status.

Maybe in the future!