Chamberlin/LiftMaster control with a slight twist

Like many, I've implemented control and monitoring of my Chamberlin/LiftMaster garage doors using a Zooz ZEN16 and tilt sensors. My pair of garage doors were installed in 2011 and included two 829LM Garage Door Monitors. These wireless units provide a visual and audible monitor of door position. They also have a "door close" button so a door can be closed from inside the home. I soldered wires from the ZEN16 relays to the Door Close buttons on each of the 829LMs. This kept me from having to run wires to the wall-mounted buttons in the garage, or to purchase additional garage door control hardware.

I only want to monitor door position and to automate closing them in certain scenarios. The 829LM can only close a door so they (along with the Zooz pieces I mentioned above) accomplish my goals.

829LMs are no longer available from Chamberlin but they can easily be found from many sources online.

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