Chamberlain MyQ Garage opener

Good Evening...
can anybody give me insight on which Hubitat compatible devices (ZWave only) will work with my current garage door opener... a Chamberlain MyQ series.

I have tried the GoControl and Aeotec.. no luck

I currently use a MyQ WIFI controller and works fine.. but i want to walk away from WIFI and continue building my Z-Wave network with Hubitat as the brains. I dont want do use a cloud at all... I am swapping my WIFI Thermo to the Z-Wave version tomorrow while I find a Z-wave solution to my Garage door opener

Thank you all in advance for your help

Oh boy ... There are lots of MyQ topics here. Most people end up doing some sort of self automation because MyQ is flaky. I would highly suggest searching out the threads on this topic. It'll give you more insight. I automated my garage door using a dry contact sensor and a smart plug. I have more control over it using that and haven't missed a command yet.
But looking at your post, you might be asking how to work around the flakiness? Again, I would suggest a search here. Lots of remedies.

It sort of depends upon which Chamberlain opener you have. Some work without any weird hacks, and others don't. The color of the "learn" button will tell us what you have. It might be purple, orange, or something else.

For some, you can just wire to the existing terminals on the opener. But it sounds like yours didn't work that way. However, it would be nice if you could describe what you have tried so we don't repeat your previous work.

For the security openers, you have to do a minor modification of your existing wall button, or modify a second button (or a remote button) before you can use something like the Go Control or Aeotec. Again, the color of the learn button is important to figure out if you have one of these openers.

If you don't want to use the Aeotec or Go Control, Zooz makes a pretty nice controller/relay.


I have a LiftMaster with a yellow Learn button, so I was limited by Security2.0+

What I wound up doing was using a zwave outlet, then triggering a relay (you can accomplish this with a ZEN16. I didn't do a ZEN16 as I didn't want to waste 2 contacts and I had the old outlet laying around). This relay then triggers a Security2.0+ switch I got (I could've wired it to my existing wall control panel but the wires are hidden and I didn't feel like running new wires). I then paired this with a GoControl contact sensor that I put a tilt sensor on the external contacts, and with a few rules everything works great

You can see my struggles in the thread I created to help scope it out: Garage Door Rule

I use an Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 with the MyQ Lite driver, and the sensor has always worked perfectly during the past several months since I moved to Hubitat from Wink. The MyQ isn’t the WiFi version, though:

LiftMaster 8365-267 with 828LM Internet Gateway (i.e., the wired Ethernet hub that behaves like a handheld opener).

I realize that this doesn’t meet your desire for local-only control - I respond only to say the Aeotec sensor (you didn’t say which one you tried) isn’t the problem. However, after reading the many threads in this forum, I did build a strong Z-Wave mesh with Aeotec repeaters before installing the Aeotec sensor for the garage door.


Thanks for the reply... Yes the MyQ seems to be a trending topic around the site.
I am actually considering replacing the whole opener for some less "modern" and without the MyQ tag on it.

Dont get me wrong.. I have had the MyQ gizmo installed and working fine for several years now and cant really complain. If somebody was to ask me for a recommendation on a cloud based system.. MyQ would be top of my list.. but I just want to move away from the cloud.

Thanks for your reply...

I currently have a Chamberlain MyQ Yellow button. Works perfect with the MyQ WIFI Hub. Has for several years, but I would like to find a Z-wave solution to work with the current garage opener and move away from the cloud.

Connect a GoControl GD00Z8 direct to the same connector the wall switch connects.. no luck. currently playing around with connecting the GoControl to a chamberlain remote control after seeing a youtube video of what appears to be a successful bypass of the MyQ "intelligence" or "Security Traps" .. which be fine with me... but so far have not found the right combination of contacts I need to solder my gocontrol to. Did the same direct connect using a friends Aeotec Gen 5.. but the MyQ seems to be too smart for its own good again

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Thanks... I will give it a try

It might depend upon how exactly you want to do this, and whether you want to solder.

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Thank You for the different tips on my issue... The ZEN16 did the trick... Perfect!.. goodbye cloud


I have a Chamberlain door. Got it working today.

I have 3 openers. Two of them are Linear with GoControl. The Chamberlain / MyQ worked great with Wink, but I'm done with Wink. MyQ was the odd man out.

Here's my experience:

  1. Installed the MyQ device and app. No Dice. Got an error, couldn't resolve it. Saw others getting the same error, no definitive resolution. Beat at the problem for a while, saw people doing various weird things. Nah.

  2. Screw it. Ordered the GoControl device. I already have 2 of them, they work perfectly with Hubitat. Good device, well designed, easy to install.

  3. Connected the GoControl to my Chamberlain opener, and disconnected the MyQ controller.
    a) Ahhhhh. F*ck. Should have done a little more research. Turns out that GoControl is incompatible with MyQ. The MyQ isn't just a simple contact switch, there's some kind of protocol. Dang. Dang, dang, dang it!

  4. Take apart the MyQ wall switch and solder a connector to the physical switch on the board. So now the GoControl operates that particular circuit, just as if a person pushed the button.
    a) It sounds complex, but not really. If you're looking at the switch on the MyQ board, you want to solder your wires onto the NE and SW contacts. Before you commit, just test it with a little bit of wire to close the circuit and see your door open or close as if you pushed the button. The whole thing took about an hour. I suck at soldering, so enlisted a friend who is good at it. It's a little small and fiddly, but not really that difficult.
    b) secured everything with hot glue so it won't jiggle and become loose in the future.

  5. Et Voila! Works great!

Nota bene: the process of installing the GoControl and modifying the wall switch took way less time than what I had already invested messing around with software trying to get the drivers to work. I intend to throw the MyQ device directly into the trash. Also, no more Chamberlain in my world from now on.

P.S. The range on the Hubitat is awesome. This controller is 75' from the Hubitat and in a different building. I was sure I'd need some kind of intermediate range extender, but it works great out of the box. Cool.

I have a Chamberlin B1381 (MyQ Wi-Fi) garage door opener. Do you happen to know if I used a Zooz ZEN16 and wired it to the wall controller like you, would allow me to remotely open/close the garage door (without having to use the custom MyQ driver)?

Yes, that should work. However, you will need to add a Hubitat-paired sensor to monitor door state (open/closed).

There is already a door sensor (from the ADT system) which I was planning to connect to the Zooz ZEN16 as well so that should provide me with the status of the door.

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How does that work? I was looking at the Zen16 specs and am not clear on how a wired contact sensor would be connected to it.

I will go back and re-read the ZEN16 spec but I thought I could use one of the 3 switches. If you look at the pic with the 3 garage door openers, it appears the ZEN16 is watching the switches for a closed connection (in my case door sensor) and then send a signal to the garage opener. For my situation, I just need the detection so I can use it in a rule.

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