Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Support [OUT OF DATE]

@dman2306 Thanks for taking the time to figure this out. It seems to be working fine so far.

A few notes for everyone:

  • I kept the old driver and app, but renamed it in case I have to revert. Not sure if that was a good or bad idea, but it worked. I just went into each driver and app, and prefaced the old app name in the [definition] section with "old". Now it is named Old MyQ.

  • I removed the old app in the Apps tab. I tried to keep the Devices tab old MyQ device by changing the driver to a virtual switch. In the end I had to delete the old MyQ device in Devices tab to get this to work and not throw errors.

  • The dashboard had to be fixed by updating to the "new" device.

  • The thing that took the longest was updating all the RM rules to the "new" opener.

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Thank you!!! Just tried it out, and it appears to be working great.

I also just installed the new app and driver and it works perfectly (in conjunction with my SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor), thanks!

I love being able to close my garage door via a Hue Dimmer Switch

Wow good stuff. Nice work @dman2306. I am in the midst of a Homeseer/Hubitat bake-off. Had this working in Homeseer with their paid plugin, and went to do this Saturday, only to discover MyQ had broken it.

I will give this a go. Question for folks, though. In Homeseer it was reporting open/close without a separate sensor.. it had a configurable polling frequency. Is that how the nosensor version works? I don't want to use another sensor unless I have to.

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Perfect! I think from the earlier posts I missed which device driver was needed. Seems to be working now.

On another note - any way to turn off debug logging for both the app and the devices?

@dman2306 Works great here as well! Deleted the old drivers and app, installed the new and everything is working great. Thanks for the quick fix for this!

Thanks for the updated driver/app, but I noticed that the device is not updating when the door opens. It says its always open unless I manually refresh the device.

Dang spoke too soon. Having a somewhat similar issue. My doors were both open but Hubitat listed them as closed. So I "opened" them using the dashboard and waited 10 seconds, even though the doors stayed opened. Then I was able to close them since Hubitat seemed to think they were now open, and it worked.

However, now the icons are stuck on the status of "opening" even though the doors are closed.

Thoughts? Need me to send a log or anything.

Try this - it worked for @cj_rezz

I applied the code changes but it seems that the door status will only update if I open/close the door from HE. If I open/close the door through the Myq app or use the button the status will not change.

@raidflex same for me, so i created a small Rule, i have a contact sensor on my garage door that i use for this rule
Trigger : Contact sensor Changed
Action to run : Refresh MyQ Garage Door, Delayed 3 seconds
Simple and it's working

edit: DEVICE HANDLER 3.1.0 SMART APP 3.1.0


Interesting, I haven't tried opening through the myQ app to see if the status updates and I can't try it now cause the kids are sleeping and their room is above the garage! I'll try it tomorrow!

Argh... I wasn’t looking to have to maintain this but such is life... I likely won’t be able to take a look until the weekend but I’ll try to figure it out.

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Your work is really appreciated! Thank you!

Note that if you are using the "no sensor" version (or don't have a tilt/contact sensor configured) MyQ Lite will never know if the door is opened by another application (or when you open/close it manually from the physical button).

If you have a contact sensor configured, it should report the door is 'open' as soon as the contact sensor reports open, but it won't report 'closed' until the door is once again fully closed. Since the code doesn't poll MyQ, it will miss the intermediate 'opening/closing' states.

I had worked with @brbeaird back in my SmartThings days to add support for an acceleration sensor so that the code would know whenever the door started moving - and from the base state, it could figure out if it was actually opening or closing. I had to spend all day yesterday putting that back into the code, because Brian removed it when he refactored earlier this year. I still have some cleanup to do, and I should first offer the fixes back to @brbeaird, but after that I'll be happy to share...


Just to follow up, I tried this morning and manually opening and closing the door doesn't report any update on the status. I.e it doesn't report open, closed, opening ir closing. Never noticed this before!

I'm using a smarthings multi purpose sensor v5 as a tilt sensor

I am pretty sure that the SmartThings multi-purpose sensors (all versions) are NOT actually the same as a tilt sensor.

A real "tilt sensor" acts like a contact sensor, except that instead of reporting open/closed based on the proximity to its magnet, a tilt sensor reports contact open/closed based on its "tilt" - mounted vertically (parallel to your garage door when it is closed), it will report "closed", and when it tilts out of 90° vertical, it reports "open."

The SmartThings multi-sensor can be used as the contact sensor, but only if you can align it to its magnet when the door is closed.

I this is how you are using it, then have a look at the Live Logs for that Multi-sensor and verify that it is reporting open/closed properly in respect to your garage door's actual state...

Sorry, my poor terminology might have caused some confusion. I'm using a smart things sensor without the magnetic contact so I assumed it was being used as a tilt sensor but perhaps not. Either way, Under the old MyQ API, it worked perfectly. Just seems to be broken under the new API and MyQ Lite App Code.

Yes, the new app removed support for the acceleration/multi-sensor. I have added it back to my version of the original, but I'm not sure it can/will still support your usage model.

IIRC, the "old" version would (infrequently) poll the MyQ servers to find out if the door was actually closed or open - this is all but verboten by MyQ these days, and their new API doesn't provide the same door_states that it used to.

So, with that, I'd suggest you purchasing an Ecolink Tilt sensor in order to keep your door working the way it did before Chamberlain changed things...

So an ecolonk tilt sensor is $50 in Canada. A Go Control z-wave garage door controller and tilt sensor is $130. In all reality, if I'm spending any more money on controlling the garage, should I just get the go-control for local control and not be dependent on the cloud and affected by future API changes?

Are there any benefits of the MyQ system or downfalls of the Go Control system I'm overlooking?