👻 Challenge!


Show us your spookiest halloween automation (elevated by Hubitat, of course) and you could win a treat basket of awesome devices. Post a video of your automation in the comments below to enter.

Contest closes at midnight PT 10/31. Winner announced Monday.

Enter--if you dare!


cant do it anymore.. when iwas a kid.. hid behind door.. had battery with steel wool wired to dixie cup with gunpowder in pumpkins mouth.. when kids got close ( not too close) had fire shoot out of the mouth..

these days would get arrested.


Love it! I think it's worth the risk of your incarceration to see that happen. Please go ahead and set it up. I'll serve as a character witness if that helps. (Which it won't.) :wink:

Great idea, HE staff.


Here is mine... Not to scary but the kids like it (me too!). :ghost:

Everything is controlled through Hubitat using my Lighting Effects app. One of these days I need to add the random part to Event Engine. :wink:


Not too scary, more kid friendly.

We have our outside lights (Philips Hue) setup for different seasonal events based on the time of the year that it is.

For our Halloween display, on October 1st at midnight each year the Hubitat hub will change the outside lights from the standard white light setting to red an orange setting. That was setup by using scenes in the CoCoHue app.
Since one of the porch lights are right in front of the window where the projector is playing. I have that light setup not to turn on with the rest of the outside light. But to wait till the projector is set to turn off at midnight, then turn on.



Then 10 minutes before sunset, the hub will turn on the media player and projector using videos from AtmosFX playing in our window. I have that setup by using the Logitech-Harmony driver in Hubitat.

Then on November 1st at midnight, Hubitat will run the seasonal scene "Back to Normal" - Outside Lights-After Halloween. Which will turn all the outside lights back to white.


This one from 2021. Running AtmosFX "Halloween Window".

This one from 2019.


You get to meet the whole family in this one. My sons put all the “objects” in place where I took care of the electronics / linked home automation.

Enjoy the video!

Expand for more information…

I have a couple of automations involved in this one. The light is setup to turn orange every year at Halloween, and other colors at other times of the year:

The dimming porch lights are setup with random changing brightness, thanks to input from @bravenel a few days ago! :slight_smile:

The red blinking lights that can barely be seen (These are obviously not LIFX!!!) are each individually controlled by their own iteration of this rule (A variation of the one for the porch):

Oh, and these can be a bit hard on the hub when run for the whole night…

Happy Halloween!!!


My Halloween 2021 display uses a combo of WLED http commands, Unifi Protect Plugin for smart detections and doorbell presses, VLC API for sound effects, and XLights Scheduler API for DMX Parcans all orchestrated by Hubitat Rule Machine!

Rules Used:

Person Detections on Driveway - when people are detected approaching the driveway the trees and House LEDs change patterns, then change back (Unifi Protect Triggers the automation, the Hubitat rule triggers WLED to change effects, wait, then change back)

Unifi Doorbell Push
A rule triggers when people push the doorbell button - which:
*turns off a Z-Wave outdoor switch which has flood lights
*Triggers a preset on WLED via an HTTP get request
*Plays a sound effect via VLC plugin
*Changes everything back to standard scene after a wait period

Devices / Software Used:

  • Unifi Doorbell
  • Unifi Protect Plugin for Hubitat
  • Falcon F3 Controller
  • XLights Software
  • DMX Parcans
  • 4 ESP 8266 / ESP32 Controllers
  • WS2811 Pixel Strings / Strips
  • MacBook Pro running VLC with Web interface
  • Speakers with Echo Dot acting as an audio bluetooth interface
  • Z-Wave outdoor plugin switch

So who won the challenge?? :jack_o_lantern:

Edit: I need to start automating our Halloween decorations next year, I can take the hit on WAF…