Certain bulbs generate hourly hue values in the logs

I have two types of RGB bulbs, A19 and BR30. I find the BR30 bulbs post their luminosity every hour in the log file. The A19 bulbs do not. Both are using the same driver. I don't see anything in the driver config settings to control this. Is this behavior determined by the bulb design?

What actual event do you see in the logs or event history? (The event history would show you if there's actually an event, regarldess of what is getting logged, though by convention the "Enable descriptionText logging" option being on, as it is by default, will cause the same to be spit out in the logs, as well.) I can't think of any bulbs that report "luminosity" at all, assuming you mean lux (Hubitat's preferred units) or another measurement of illuminance. But regardless, I wouldn't be surprised if some bulbs do "check in" with some attribute readings on a schedule, even though I don't think I've ever noticed this happen myself (unless you're doing a "refresh" or similar command on the device yourself or via an app or rule that could be scheduling this--check the "In use by" section on the device page to see).

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Sorry I misspoke a bit... it's the "hue" that's being reported continuously. Here's a log excerpt.


You can see it's happening every hour. I did check to see where this device is used, and it's only in a scene definition. That scene also includes the A19 bulbs, but as I mentioned the A19 bulbs are not reporting "hue" on an hourly basis like this. In other words A19 and BR30 bulbs are always used together, yet only BR30 spits out the hue values.

What driver is this? I can't think of any stock drivers that use percent as an explicit unit for hue, though that is effectively what it is scaled to in Hubitat's model (in convetional usage it's normally degrees), so I'm just wondering if this is a stock driver (in which case Hubitat staff would be the best resource) or community driver (in which case I'd ask the author).

Driver is "Generic Zigbee RGBW Light". It was automatically chosen during device discovery.

Device detail data: manufacturer Ledvance, model BR30 RGBW

Interesting! My guess is that the bulbs just are just sending an attribute report every hour for some reason (if you have debug logs enabled at that time--keep in mind that this driver will disable the setting 30 minutes after it is enabled--then you should be able to see what's coming in from the Zigbee side of things). It sounds like you don't have anything on Hubitat that would be causing this. I suppose someone who actually has these bulbs or staff who might be familiar with their behavior from writing the driver would need to chime in if they happen to know anything.

And that driver should be fine. If you have 2.2.5, the "Advanced..." bulb drivers were introduced as suitable replacements for most of these devices, so you could try that if you wanted to see if the same happens there (don't forget to hit "Configure" after changing drivers). Won't change anything if it's the bulb itself, and I'm not saying you should try this if this is just a curiosity that doesn't really bother you, but it might be interesting to see. You could also just stick with the "Generic..." driver and see if hitting "Configure" on the device page does anything; it probably won't change things (this command should have been run when the device was paired and configured it to report as expected), but it can't hurt.