Centralite Pearl Thermostat - Where does the value of thermostatSetpoint come from?

I have the aforementioned device and I also have sharptools.
Sharptools displays the thermostat like this.

The device page looks like this.

The physical thermostat shows the correct current temperature of 74.5 degrees.

It seems that the value for thermostatSetpoint never changes, regardless of what I do. It would seem logical that the thermostatSetpoint should normally be at either the coolingSetpoint or the heatingSetpoint. The thermostat is controlled by the Thermostat Scheduler and nowhere in there is their a temperature setting for 69 degrees.

Do I misunderstand the purpose of the thermostatSetpoint attribute. It does not seem to be doing anything but f***ing with sharptools.

Could the Sharptools data be stale?

Also tagging @josh.

It matches up with the thermostatSetpoint shown in his screenshot. If that value is available, we use it as the displayed setpoint on a single height thermostat. Otherwise which setpoint to display is inferred based on mode or other attributes.

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Hey Josh, I assumed that was why sharptools displayed this value. However, it escapes me as to why this value is permanently set at 69 and never varies in the Hubitat driver, at least in my instance.

At any point of time, had you changed the driver used for this Hubitat device? I wonder if this is remnant from a previously used driver. And is not an capability/attribute used by the driver that you are currently using, and hence never updates.

To test this, could you do the following?

  1. Change drivers to the built-in driver called "Device", and click Save.
  2. Click the button labeled "Delete All States".
  3. Switch back to the driver you are currently using, and click "Configure".

Does the list of Current States displayed change? Is "thermostatSetPoint" no longer there?

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I was wondering the same thing. Inside the driver the only match to that attribute is the following comment.

Nowhere is that attribute explicitly referenced.

I'll create a quick test command in the code and try deleting it.

Well it got deleted however I have hub mesh and the mesh copy (which Sharptools sees) does not seem to handle deletion of attributes. Have to remove the device and relink it I think.

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That did the trick. After Hub mesh re-linking and then re-adding the Thermostat to Sharptools it now display the correct setpoint for this time of day.


[quote="aaiyar, post:5, topic:98082"]
At any point of time, had you changed the driver used for this Hubitat device?
[/quote] I probably did but can't remember for sure.

Thanks for the prompt in the right direction.