Centralite Keypad LEDs?

I have 3 Centralite keypads all purchased from different eBay vendors setup with Hubitat. They are working with HSM and I also have Nyckelharpa installed. Everything works great. The issue is one of the keypads when disarmed has the green LED bar at the bottom lit up, and when armed both LED bars at the top and bottom are red. The other two keypads don't do this. Is there any way to get the other two keypads to act like the first one? From what I can tell by the markings on the keypads they are all the same model. It's easier to see that it's armed when the red LED bars are lit. Thanks!

I had to re-read your post a few times. The keypad that stays on is not fully paired with the system or has a weak zigbee signal. The other two working normally. Keeping the lights on quickly drains the pricey batteries.

Try removing the batteries for a minute, then reinstalling the batteries, arm then disarm.

Should that not resolve the issue, it may be a weak zigbee signal where the keypad's installed. Try moving it closer to the hub, then arm and disarm. If that fixes it, add some zigbee repeaters.

When the system is armed, some motion with your hand near the keypad lights the keypad and current arming mode.

Update: what is the battery voltage or % on the constantly lit keypad?

Hey Arnb,

None of the kepads stay on. I took the picture after waking them up by the motion sensor. The only difference between the three is the led bar at the top and bottom. (Green when disarmed, red when armed) The first pictures are waking them up disarmed, the second is waking them armed. They all have fairly new batteries, I just put them in last week.

BTW, thanks for your app!

Edit: I just tried swapping the batteries from the one that the led bars light up and it didn't make a difference. I did notice however when putting the batteries in and the device powers for the first time and all the lights flash, on the one the green LED bar at the bottom lights up during this power on, but the other two kepads it doesn't light up.

My apologies.

My Centralite keypd works the same as your keypad that lights the leds green and red.

Do the other two keypads light the keypad and current arm mode when armed when you create place you hand near he keypad?

Yeah the other two are like the bottom picture. The arm mode lights red but the bars don't. Maybe the other two are a slightly different model or have a different firmware.

If it's just the red/green top and bottom leds that don't light, it's either the firmware, the circuit, or most unlikely the actual leds.

This is all controlled by the firmware, and there is no way to update it AFAIK.

Are the devices armed or disarmed in that bottom photo?

Top is keypad 1. Left is disarmed, right is armed. Bottom is kepad 2 (keypad 3 acts the same) left is disarmed, right is armed.

The keypads in the bottom photos may not be totally paired.

You may want to try re-pairing the keypads to HE without doing a "Remove Device". Do a hardware reset on the device then re-pair. Automations continue to function after device is re-paired.

Centralite 3400-C/3400-G/Xfinity 3400-X/Iris v2
Copied from ST adjust for HE

  1. Remove the covering piece
  2. Press and hold the tamper switch
  3. While holding the tamper switch insert one battery into the device
  4. Release the tamper switch (Start HE Zigbee pairing Discover Devices --> Zigbee)
  5. It should complete pairing within 30 seconds and it should show up on your SmartThing mobile device
  6. The device wifi/signal LED should be flashing green
  7. Insert the second battery and the wifi/signal LED should stop flashing
  8. Re-insert the covering piece (if the LED doesnโ€™t stop flashing see the TIPS below)

After pairing try arm and disarm

It should be noted there are numerous posts about pairing keypads on the ST forum, YMMV

Taken from my Xfinity instructions
Factory Defaulting

  1. Remove Batteries
  2. depress "Wall button" aka Tamper switch
  3. Reinsert one battery (while holding tamper switch)
  4. Once "status led" illuminates release tamper and install second battery
  5. (re-pair into HE)

Note "Status Led"s are on top and bottom red-armed, green-not armed orange - Not ready

Tired to re pair the device and that didn't help and then I also completely removed it and re added it and it still functions the same. I'll just chalk it up to a issue with the keypad.

Thanks for the help!