Centralite 3315-S Moisure sensors

I have a few of these that only stay on the network a few hours if that. But others that are fine i have a around 50 zigbee devices and they are the ones having issues. I have other devices in the same area that stay connected.

Any ideas on what i can try?

What Zigbee channel do you use? I have 18 or so of these and when I first stated my HE journey 3 years ago I was on an odd channel and I had a hard time pairing them. After moving to 20 they worked fine. Obviously this will impact all your other Zigbee devices and changing channels will cause them to take several hours to find the change.

Here is that dialog. The ST sensors are rebranded Centralite so same thing.

I wondered that and I changed from 20 to 17 but my sonoff motion sensors didn’t like 17. They all pair just won’t stay connected I am going to try and move my hub and see if that helps although I have plenty of repeaters

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Mains powered repeaters? Assuming you are still on channel 20 there shouldn’t be much Wi-Fi interference because it’s between Wi-Fi channels.

Yes main repeaters

Any Zigbee bulbs? Ask because some are very bad repeaters and can cause issues with the mesh.

Yes i have 2 bulbs all my switches are Kasa wifi switches or non smart motion switches

What brand? Some community members have put them on a hue hub or a separate HE hub because again some brands can cause mesh issues.

If you can deal with it remove bulbs for a day and see if things improve. I don’t have any bulbs and these moisture sensors haven’t missed a beat. I have them all over the house.

Both are osram I do have some hue bulbs I could replace them with or I can swap them over to outlets as I have spare outlets.

Thanks for the suggestions

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Just to follow up it looks like it was my 2 Osram bulbs i swapped them over to Hue lux buxs connected to Hue hub and deleted and readded my trouble moisture sensors and they have remained connected. I will keep an eye on them but they have been there for more than 24 hours so looking good.

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The main issue is that those kind of bulbs are ZLL based zigbee vs ZHA zigbee (most sensors and what not) and make bad repeaters. Even the Hubitat dev's recommend keeping them on their own hub (Either another hubitat or a hue bridge. Make sure either way the new mesh has a different zigbee channel) What happens is that devices start routing through the bulb, and when the bulb goes off (low power mode waiting for command) it stops repeating and boom.. The exception to this is either zigbee 3.0 bulbs or Sengled zigbee bulbs (sengled doesn't repeat). That said a lot of us are swapping out to Lifx bulbs as they have better color accuracy, light looks better, and their lightning fast...