Ceiling fan speed set by room temp with switch override

Looking to build a rule set to set the ceiling fan to low at temp over 70 to 75 set to med. 75 to 79 and high over 80. A bounds would be to temporarily pause the rule for an hour or a set time when the fan is changed at the switch (Inovelli Fan + Light LZW36)

Here is the rule I have setup for one of our fans:

If you use Rule Machine 5, you can setup a predicated condition that will stop the automation from functioning when a virtual switch is turned on.

You could have the virtual switch turn on with a press of any of your fan’s buttons using a separate rule, and then automatically turn off after the length of time you want (Ex.: 1 hour).

Let us know if you need help, and Welcome to the community!

Thanks for the reply seems to be working

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Just a note that instead of adding “ELSE” and then “IF”, you can use the combined command “ELSE-IF”.

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