Ceiling Fan and GE switch

Can I use a GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch 46201 to control a Ceiling Fan and light, Just for an on off function? still control fan by pull chain? I heard that some switches could be damaged by fans because of the unusual draw they can have when they come on.

According to the manual, it is spec'd for:

Maximum Loads: 960W, incandescent, 1/2HP motor or 1800W (15A) resistive

Therefore, you should be fine as long as you are within those ratings, though techincally the specs say "or" and don't specify how to combine either your resistive or incandescent light load with the motor load. However, casual Googling on my part (I have no real knowledge of this...) says ceiling fans generally range from about 1/60 to 1/3 HP, so you'll probably have enough "leftover" for the minimal load your lights are likely to add to this.

As you note, you'll only get on/off for the whole fixture (or whatever part of it you have turned on from the pull chains, which would still be usable as long as the switch is on). There are a few fan-oriented options you may like better if you want full control, though which would work best depends on what kind of wiring you have and how you'd prefer the "smarts" to function. I'm assuming you've already looked into these or prefer the "regular" switch for some reason, but just thought I'd mention it if not!

You would be safer using one of these.


The Zooz Zen30 is one such option, depending upon your wiring as stated.

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Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. Yea I don't need this one to be too smart, just on off and I can control fan by pull chain.

That Zooz is interesting but I don't think I have a neutral running to the fan,

You mean in the switch box? If so, none of these will work--all these options need neutrals. (Some dimmers don't, but they won't work on a fan, and Lutron and maybe some others have no-neutral switches but I'd be shocked if they were rated for motor loads.) If you mean that you do have a neutral (at the wall) but aren't sure if you have separate load wires running from there to both the fan (for separate control of the light and fan), then the Zooz won't work, but your idea would; there are a couple other options that still could for control of both (Inovelli's forthcoming light/fan combo plus the canopy module it requires, or the Hampton Bay Fan Controller, which doesn't have a wall switch component at all, for example).

I have neutral in the switch box, Sorry.