CEDIA - iBlinds in the house!

Just wanted to note for anyone using iblinds who is going to CEDIA, the iblinds team will be there. Opportunity to spend time with the folks behind the blinds. (Oops - that sounds a little odd saying it that way...) :wink:


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Love it...cat's run the world. :wink:

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Just installed my iBLinds I bought at the start of Covid. :frowning:
They are V2 so a bit fiddly. Looking at doing the upstairs now buy boy have prices jumped.
I paid 99.00 USD and now they are 150.00 (160.00 reg) so 200.00 CDN for each new blind.

Yeah like everything else, prices are up.

Eye blind stuff still run sales pretty regularly so you could maybe wait a bit for the next sale.

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