CCTV Image to Drop Box

We have Hikvision for the CCTV, in Configuration - Storage - Cloud I select Dropbox

The CCTV sends each movement up to dropbox.

My Question is how can I then pull that image into an image tile on a dashboard ?
View file
This is just a low res image for testing purposes.
Many thanks

The stream will need to have a viewable address. For instance on my Foscam feeds I use similar to this

So you will need to be able to see the specific feed in a browser window unless there is an API available you could tap into and pull from there with a custom driver

Create an image tile and put your dropbox url to that image in it. It should display OK. But unless you are able to overwrite a new image to the same file name it won't be able to show the latest image automatically.

That’s what I thought Angus, in the question above I placed a link to one image and yes, I placed that link into the image tile with a 5 second refresh but even without the refresh the image dies not show.

I have uploaded images to the C7 which do show. I don’t think it’s a firewall restriction as I have a weather tile that works well.

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