Catching Broadcast Messages

I may be barking up the wrong tree here, but in the box with my Tuya / Lidl gateway and some lamps I also received this remote control and I'm having some 'fun' getting it working.

It pairs just fine but it would appear that on, off and brightness are sent as broadcast messages on group 0x0000 and that isn't being caught by my driver. I don't even know if these messages are accessible to drivers.

The device is clearly working because second, third, fourth and fifth presses of the "on" button generate unicast messages with a one byte payload, cycling 00, 01, 02 and 03 for scene setting. A perfect description of its behaviour is here:

Can I catch these 0x0000 broadcast messages in my driver somehow?

Tagging @mike.maxwell from Hubitat, as he'll probably know best whether or not these will work with Hubitat.

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If you bind to the switch and level clusters as part of the configuration it may switch from broadcast to unicast messaging, if it doesn't do that, then it wont work right now.


Thanks, not done the binding before, I take it that's the zdo bind commands I've seen floating around? I'll see if I can wrap my brain around it and have a play.

Hi @andydvsn did you get any further with the remote & adding it to HE? I recently bought the spotlight set from LIDL which came with a remote. I can pair it but not sure which driver (if any) it will work with. I have tried most zigbee device drivers that are designed for buttons and none seem to work.

No, I still have the remote, but so far as I'm aware the means of interpreting its broadcast messages is not available to the driver, so the situation is unchanged from above.

Apologies for the slow reply, I tend to loiter on here as @birdslikewires these days, as I do most of my driver development under that moniker.

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