Caseta plus RadioRA2

The walls are almost done (prepping, painting) at our new house (renovation, not new). I have been working through my lighting plans and wanted to get confirmation I’m not off track here...

I wanted to implement RadioRA2 everywhere... however it’s cost prohibitive (my initial estimate was close to $20k). One way I’ve determined to reduce costs (significantly) is to use Caseta for the local dimmer/switch controls instead of Maestro paddles. Most of the time, I expect we will be using HE automation and the SeeTouch Keypads for lighting scene management.

Are there any negatives to this approach I’m missing? I will have more hubs to manage (HE, Caseta Pro2, and RadioRA2) but once they are configured they should be out of sight/mind. My wife says she likes the Caseta/Pico switches so I don’t think I will have WAF issues. Seems to me this should be a pretty good approach but I’m afraid I’m missing something...

This should be fine. What you will be missing, if you want to call it that, is all of the Lutron stuff in one app. I have RadioRA2, and the mobile app is awful. I never use it at all for anything. By the same token, the Caséta mobile app, which is better, won't see your RA2 stuff. I've lived in a home with Caséta and Hubitat, and only used the Caséta mobile app for configuration. You will have to do the same, since that is the only way to configure the Caséta system. And RadioRA2 has its own configuration software that runs on a PC. You will need that from time to time.

You can completely intermingle these different devices in Hubitat. My RA2 house has most rooms with Z-Wave dimmers fired from RA2 occupancy sensors. Intermixing these various technologies is seamless with Hubitat in the middle.

Be sure to give both the Caséta SmartBridge Pro and the RA2 Main Repeater static IPs. These guys have been known to get different IPs from DHCP, depending on the router, and this would bring your Hubitat integration with them down.


Sweet! You can use these to control more than just the RA2 devices. It's not at all difficult to make these control both RA2 scenes, Hubitat Scenes, and Caséta scenes. We have two special apps for making these do more tricks on the RA2 side. Thinking about how your system could work makes me realize these two apps could use a simple extension to include Caséta scenes in them as well.

Both RA2 Main Repeater and Caséta SmartBridge Pro have "phantom" buttons that control Lutron scenes. These devices can be included in your Hubitat integration as keypad devices, exposing all of these phantom buttons into Hubitat (100 each). This allows for seamless integration of Lutron scenes into our Scene app, or into any apps that use buttons.

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, very appreciated. Excited about kicking this off...

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