Caseta Pico Remote Help

I have an HE Hub and Google/Nest. I have some Etekcity wifi outlets that are visible to Google but do not show in HE. I have some "extra" pico remotes. I would like to use one to control the Etekcity switch so we can "remotely" turn on some fans and lamps, without having to ask Google. The outlets these are plugged in at are not actuated with Lutron Caseta on/off wall switches (which I know would make this seamless). I'm too poor to buy all of the switches I would need and want to see if there is a hard way to make these wifi switches work. Help?

Pico do work fine without the Caseta switches, however you need the Caseta Bridge Pro2 to get the Pico into (integrate with) Hubitat.

There are other switches that work direct with Hubitat without an extra bridge, ones like the Zooz Zen 34 would be one option, but there are other buttons (see List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation) that you probably could find new or used too.


Assuming you already have a Lutron Caseta SMartBridge Pro2, as mentioned by @neonturbo, then you can use Pico Remotes as button controller devices in Hubitat. Just be aware that the old "Lutron Connected Bulb Remotes" are not the same as Lutron Pico Remotes.

The problem is that Google Home does not allow Google Home Routines to be triggered by Hubitat. The last I heard, only Time of Day and a Voice command can be used to trigger a Google Home Routine, which is what I assume you'd use to turn on/off the WiFi outlets.

Amazon Alexa can be triggered by a virtual Hubitat Motion or Contact sensor. Even if you do not have a physical Amazon Echo device, you can still use the Alexa App on your mobile phone to set up the Hubitat Alexa Skill, create Alexa Routines, etc... So, if your WiFi outlets can be controlled by Alexa, then you should have a solution available at no cost.