Caseta is increasing the device limit to 75

Just got an email from Lutron Support indicating they are updating Caseta bridges to support 75 devices as of July 8th. Here's the relevant bit:



Well.. now I have a 2nd bridge I don't need. (for now)

As soon as I saw the email from Lutron I knew I would see a forum post about somebody not needing so many bridges.

I think the answer is you need more lutron devices :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just got this e-mail myself! Seems hardly surprising from a technical perspective since I imagine it's almost the same hardware as RA2 Select, which allows 100 devices, but I guess I've never seen a teardown so maybe it really does have more limited resources. Many of Lutron's limitations are software-imposed to differentiate their product lines, so them wanting to bump this up is the surprising part to me. Must have been enough customers with big enough houses but not so big Lutron wanted to steer them up. :slight_smile:

This is great news! Thank you for sharing it.

Now, what can I do with those extra Pico remotes I have left over from my initial installation? :thinking:


One wonders if the RA2 repeater will also be upped from 100 to 150 objects.

Here is an idea:

  1. Put them in a box
  2. Tape the box shut
  3. Print a UPS label with my address on them
  4. Drop them off at a UPS drop off location
  5. Done. All Picos you have are in use now!!!!!!



My two cents. This is great, except they also need to allow at least 1 more repeater if they are going to allow more devices.

The range on Caseta is good, but it is not a mesh, so I still have my reasons to have more than one SmartBridge Pro to cover my house which is very horizontal and consolidating without the additional repeaters just isn't an option.

Granted, I probably should have gone with RadioRA2 but didn't want to spend the extra and the wife likes the caseta button look vs paddle dimmers.


Now they just need to add local control support to the base hub. If they had that, I would have already purchased and installed a Caseta system. It's stupid that it's not supported on the base hub.

Buy a Pro bridge and sell your old base one... In the end, it won't be much more than a single Caseta Switch or Dimmer... :wink: