Caseta Hub


How can I tell if I have the pro or standard hub?

If I get the "pro" version, then all the lights can execute locally correct? If I have standard hub and have to replace it, is this "pro"?


No, that is the standard bridge. You will want this one:

Make sure you get the smartbridge pro v2, I don't believe Lutron is allowing activation of the v1 anymore.


Amazon link? I love my prime shipping :slight_smile:


$55 and 7 available.

I believe, those are the non-Homekit versions, which won't matter for Hubitat.


Only available from 3rd party sellers at absurd pricing. The link I posted is best pricing I've seen and I believe their shipping is very reasonable.


I believe I read that Lutron isn't allowing new registrations of this model. However I've read that Lutron may replace it with a v2 under "warranty"


I thought it was that they weren't allowing upgrades and thus not registering old because of the firmware.


@chad.mccune This is the Kit that I have but I only paid $147 on sale...


Fair enough, I can wait a few days for the shipping anyway, I won't be instantly transported into Hubitat land :slight_smile:


You may be correct, I don't have 1st hand experience because I've had my v1 registered for over a year.

#11 has it for $89 bucks without the hassle of trying to update with v2.


It's certainly what I'd choose. :slight_smile:

it is however, an expensive hobby and maybe one can save $ -- enough to also buy 2 Pico's, assuming "hassle" appeals :slight_smile:


That's a good point as well. We now have multiple options to go with. The more the better.


Energy Avenue is REALLY fast on shipping. Plus, use code SHIPFREE18 for free shipping up through the 31st!


Seems Energy Ave raised their price on the SmartBridgePRO to $100


I received an email from Lutron today indicating they will be revealing a new Caseta product in the next few days (CES 2019 no doubt). Should be interesting to see what they have cooked up.


Just received the same email. I got all excited by the title and then disappointed when I opened up the email and it said 'in the next couple of days', lol. Well, just send me an email when you are willing to talk about it then!


Would be awesome if they come out with a fan controller for Caseta. They have one but it’s not compatible


Saw someone post a link to this new FCC filing elsewhere, and it looks like a Caséta fan controller to me:

I'm guessing the existing one is the Maestro one that doesn't work with the Lutron Smart Bridge/Smart Bridge Pro for Caséta? This one looks new and like it would!


Correct Maestro. I had a few years ago and like them but disappointed they wouldn’t work with my Caseta Pro hub when I got it.