Caseta Dimmer in a 3 way, Pico necessary?


I like the look of the Caseta. I am asking if a wiring setup like a Zooz Zen 24 is possible. I would like to leave the mechanical "dumb" switch in place. Is this possible with the Caseta or is a pico needed to replace the mechanical dumb switch?

Thanks in advance.

Only Caseta dimmer working with dumb switch I know of is the Caseta dimmer pro.

Wow, wonderful and thank you!....but this seems like a pretty expensive dimmer switch.

It is. A Pico is $12 and you don't have to wire it. It also fits perfectly in a decora faceplate and matches the other Caseta dimmers.

:point_up_2: this, exactly. The Pico remotes are really great and help keep the look and feel very consistent across all of your switches.

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