Caseta Blinds Support

Bought a few Serena wood blinds and have them setup in Caseta. I added them to the Lutron App in Hubitat as blinds but think Caseta handles blinds different than shades because it’s not working. Anyone have any suggestions or is blind support on the road map?

Serena shades may work with Caseta, but I don’t think that means they can be integrated with hubitat.

I believe you’d need one of the other Lutron product lines and the shades they support, i.e. radioRA2, RA2 select or homeworks, to get lutron shades in hubitat.

That’s because of the way Lutron segments their product lines.

I’d love to be told I’ve misunderstood though...

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Caseta (Serena) shades and dimmers work perfectly with Hubitat. I have the roller shades setup with Hubitat no problem. But, I added blinds as shades and that does not work. Given the how shares vs blinds work, I can see why that might not work.

I have worked with both RadioRa 2 and Caseta and they work great with Hubitat. One of the main reason I went with Hubitat.

Just wanted to update. I was troubleshooting an issue with my Caseta Hub and HomeKit. Apparently, my Caseta hub lost its static address and Hubitat could not communicate. Fixed the static IP and blinds setup as shades work well.

For people who browse this thread, all Serena shades and blinds should be setup as shades in Hubitat and work perfectly. FYI, Caseta doesn’t not support blinds (they only support shades) in HomeKit.

Blinds should work using the Lutron Shades driver. It supports the blinds command "setTiltLevel". As for use with Homekit, I couldn't say.

Thanks for the clarifications. I’m not sure why I thought Serena shades couldn’t be integrated, but the sivoia lines could.


I'm interested in the Serena wood blinds, but I'm curious if they show up in SmartThings as well.

Do you know or have you tried?

Can you clarify what the "setTiltLevel" command should be doing? What I expect it to do it set the level the blinds should be at when they are "on". When I click the on button now the blinds go to 100%, which for blinds is just tilted completely up. I would like when I click "on" they go to 50%.

I am also struggling as when I use the "off" command they only move slightly. I would expect they should go to 0%.

There is really only minimal support in that driver for blinds. On/Off aren't really meaningful. SetTiltLevel is the only command that actually sends tilt information to the blinds. If you want to control them with on/off, where on sends then to 50% tilt, and off sends then to 0% tilt, you could use a virtual switch coupled with a pair of simple rules, converting the On to setTilt(50) and Off to setTilt(0).

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