I have a Caseta L-BDGPRO2 connected to my system and it has been working flawlessly.
A colleague of mine, who has hubitat, is also thinking about some pico integration and i've found him a casita L-BDGPRO-WH for a reasonable price. Not certain if the BGDPRO-WH is compatible with habitat though.
In the compatible devices on Hubitat it does confirm the BGDPRO2..but says nothing of the BDGPRO-Wh.

I have read the posts on the community. I can see that non pro hubs are not compatible but didn't see anything about this model. Anyone know?


It isn't. It doesn't have telnet interface that Hubitat needs.

However, Lutron has been known to swap (for free) the original Caseta Pro Bridge (which your friend has) for the new bridge (which you have). Contact their support - they're really good about this.


Appreciate the quick reply..i will contact them.

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Actually I believe the issue with L-BDG-PRO is that it’s an older generation device that Lutron has deprecated in favor of L-BDG-PRO2.

Anyone selling the older generation is basically doing so without Lutron’s authorization, and those bridges can’t be registered on the Caseta cloud, which is a required step to setup the bridge even for integrating with its local Telnet interface.


I’ve heard people say this as well. I have also contacted Lutron support in the past and found them to be exceptional, so it’s indeed worth a shot to reach out to them if you already have one.


Exactly this! I bought a new Pro unit on eBay and couldn’t set it up. Lutron was awesome and replaced my Pro for a Pro2 for free (had to send the old unit back to them). Get a Pro2 and save yourself the hassle. If you already have the Pro unit, call Lutron support. You may have to go through the setup process to demonstrate that it is failing setup.

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Thanks. Agree. Not worth the hassle.
I’ll tell the guy to pop the extra money on the bdgpro2

Appreciate the reply.

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I just wanted to share the reply from Lutron on my question on the 2 different Casseta bridges

Good Morning Mac,

You are correct that integration with 3rd party systems requires the use of the Pro version of the bridge, which you appear to have. The only difference between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 hubs is the support of Apple Homekit. Both versions of the Pro bridge support the same integration commands, which will be compatible with the Hubitat system.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can help with,
Mike S.
Technical Support/Customer Satisfaction
1-844-Lutron1 (588-7661)

in my email i was clear to specify that i was asking about the BGDPRO-WH vs the BDGPRO2

Still may not be worth the hassle...but i know that i can get BDGPRO-WH for a much cheaper price than the pro 2....and all it will ever get used for is the Hubitat integration.


When I bought the PRO unit and tried to set it up new, it failed to be set up with the Lutron app. When I called Lutron support, they told me that if the PRO unit had already been set up prior to them releasing Homekit support that the Pro unit could then be upgraded. However, if the Pro had never been set up, then it cannot take the new firmware. There must be some sort of security issue with Apple. Lutron support immediately started the process to send me a PRO2 hub. Now, maybe they are fixed this issue on their side and are allowing the PRO hubs to be setup. It maybe worthwhile calling support to get an answer from a rep instead.

EDIT ... I'm also seeing that the price is the same on eBay for both units. Not sure where you are located or where you are purchasing the unit.

Well....just as a close out to this.
Yesterday there were 3 of these on ebay for 20 each ( plus 10 ea shipping). New in box...
Note to self....when i see something on ebay - buy 1st... ask questions later ( haha) but they are gone now so its a moot point.

BUT i did call the tech line and they said exactly what you noted.....if the bridge had set up and has been routinely updating, that it should have the correct firmware ...but if it wasn't on the server recent ( or never been on ) then it woudn't be able to accept the latest firmware that makes it compatible.

I'm glad i went down this path for the few questions i did get answered. The rep noted that as long as my current bridge pro is on the network - it does automatically update firmware so it keeps the unit i have up tp date.

I just hate to pass up a deal :slight_smile:

Appreciate the replies.

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