Carrier Infinity / Infinitude?

There's scant posts here about a Carrier Infinity integration. Right now, I'm doing the mess of Hubitat->Home Assistant->Infinitude, which is silly given that Infinitude is just another local bridge API doing the translation to the Carrier thermostat.

Has anyone attempted to write a driver to directly support Infinitude? I would literally pay/donate to get that available so I can skip the HA integration, which can be flaky because state has to be shared in 3 different spots. The energy savings alone in having this directly tied into my Hubitat automations would make it worth it.

Looks like this may be the spot to centralise your questions around this, but not sure you will get the answer you are looking for, but I tend to skim over the obvious, so don't despair just yet....

Unfortunately neither really addresses the current Infinity system - the first part is the RS485 setup, which isn't needed anymore with the newer systems (which have WiFi and emulate the protocol over IP), and the latter is the Cor, which is really just an Ecobee in Carrier clothing.

Shame, well at least you were able to rule that out....

Most REST API's are "possible". Thermostat's have at least been difficult for me. though not impossible.... Hopefully someone has developed this one or something similar...

I'm wondering if there's any value in trying to port the Home Assistant Infinitude driver over. I have so little knowledge of that platform, that their driver reads like greek to me. Frankly, I'd gladly pay someone to do this work, but otherwise, I might try and spend a weekend attempting to figure it out.

The good news is that Infinitude is purposely simple, so it probably doesn't take too much - but still above my head.

Turns out someone wrote a Homebridge plugin that doesn't require Infinitude, which is great. It'd be awesome to see this ported to Hubitat natively, especially now that there's much less of a need for Homebridge.

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I am running infinitude and would like to look into this. Ideally though we would go direct to Hubitat as a proxy.

Given that HA supports it natively without using a proxy (by going against the Carrier API), I think the effort would be better spent implementing that. I know nothing about HA structure so I'm useless in trying to adopt it to HE.

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