Carriage Return Line Feed, CRLF \n

Question about append to local file function
There is some way to add a CRLF at the end of the line?

i did some test but fails :slight_smile:

Thanks for help

If \n doesn’t work, some file systems use \r\n instead

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\n\n just write the same letters on the file later i try \r\n

In that case you may need to do something like:

int c = 0x0A
String nl = Character.toString((char)c)

and then use nl in place of the the \n

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So i create nl as a local variable?
Sorry i'm confused
in the text field i can use instructions like this?
tommorrow i'm back home and i try

Want to laugh?
Sometimes we are inclined to think that the solution to our problems is complicated and so we look for complicated solutions.
But we don't see that the solution is sometimes simple and trivial and it's right there in front of us.
But we look for the complex solution.
My goal was to get a time log of some values.
Like this


to have a CSV exportable in excell
therefore I have generated this rule

Append to LogTermostatVirtual: %date%;%time%;%aux_ReleCaldaia%;%aux_SetTermostato%;%aux_TemperatureMedia%;%aux_Temperature1%;

and then I wondered how do I generate CRLF? because the result was this....


So I tried to add special characters \n \r....
Days and days of thinking and googling and asking you guys for advice....

Then tonight I looked at the rule I clicked at the end of the line and hit enter....