CarbonDioxide capability

Hi Mike(@mike.maxwell)

I've installed Netatmo Weather Station(WS) device, using app and DTH from ( Netatmo WS provides very important CarbonDioxide capability which HE is currently missing. If it's not hard to add, please add it the next platform release. I'd like to use it in the RM for high CO2 announcements or maybe some other rules.

What is it used for? How often does CO2 level change?

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I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly.
If you meant Netatmo WS then it is used for measuring the following parameters.

He are my current measurements for
Indoor Station:

Current States

  • carbonDioxide : 656
  • humidity : 52
  • lastupdate : 3:58 PM
  • max_temp : 72.86
  • min_temp : 72.68
  • pressure : 30.04
  • pressure_trend : down
  • sound : not detected
  • soundPressureLevel : 45
  • temp_trend : stable
  • temperature : 72.68

Outdoor Station:

Current States

  • battery : 51
  • humidity : 52
  • lastupdate : 4:08 PM
  • max_temp : 60.98
  • min_temp : 34.16
  • temp_trend : down
  • temperature : 59.36

CO2 can fluctuate a lot during the day. The normal level is less then 700, but sometimes we experience the values of more than 1000 for unknown reason, so in this case we either open the windows or turn on air cleaner depending on the weather.

It looks like this capability is already installed in RM. In any rule info page a lot of installed capabilities are liusted:

installedCapabs [ColorMode, Polling, PowerMeter, PushableButton, IlluminanceMeasurement, CarbonMonoxideDetector, Battery, Outlet, DoorControl, MotionSensor, Alarm, SpeechSynthesis, ColorTemperature, PresenceSensor, SmokeDetector, Thermostat, Light, AccelerationSensor, Refresh, RelativeHumidityMeasurement, TamperAlert, EnergyMeter, AudioNotification, MusicPlayer, UltravioletIndex, TemperatureMeasurement, Momentary, SoundSensor, Lock, Notification, CarbonDioxideMeasurement, GarageDoorControl, SwitchLevel, WaterSensor, SoundPressureLevel, Switch, HoldableButton, Configuration, ChangeLevel, Actuator, Sensor, ContactSensor, LockCodes, ColorControl, PowerSource]
So, if I understand it correctly, it looks like this capability along with other missing capabilities are simply not present in RM GUI selection. Is it complicated to add?

This will be in the next release:


Thank you very much, Bruce

Which is/are sensors currently supported officially by HE for CO2 monitoring? May be my fault but i could'nt find in the c-list

My ideal air quality sensor would be a cheap zwave device that measures temp, humidity, co2, voc, and dust.

Awair makes a WiFi equiv device for $200 with Alexa integration, but the accuracy is questionable and the price limits scale out.

Ideally, I'd like an air quality sensor every 500 sq feet of interior 4-6 in a house at a cost of less than $50 each. Perhaps, best integrated with smoke alarms...but smoke alarms have enough issues as is.

Dreaming for dreaming +1, zigbee instead. :grin:

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If you've ever maintained a fish tank and noticed how quickly fish get sick if their water isn't perfect, just think as humans as animals that use air instead... our bodies are hard wired to notice air quality but there is a delayed response and most of us are not paying attention at all....

We're a lot more productive in environments with co2 under 700ppm and minimal voc's and dust...yet these frequently spike substantially for hours in rooms. I spent 90 days monitoring air quality in my home before realizing I needed to put in a ventilation system when remodeling the home hvac system. Rooms that would ocassionally spike to 1000-1500 ppm co2 now never go above 700ppm, and spikes in humidity and air conditioning runtime are greatly reduced as the ventililation system filters and intelligently mixes incoming air before distributing to individual rooms.

All isn't perfect, the ventilation system isn't loud but it's far from being quiet and is very noticeable sometimes at night. It also adds to the electric bill, and there are two filters just for it that need to be changed out every 9 months.

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Have a look at this review, the best I found:

Look at the two following product, both IFTT enabled:

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That’s the one I was struggling to remember.

Foobot looked nice until I read spec sheet:

  • No CO2 sensor
  • Claims not supported behind any network firewall :slight_smile:

The Acer seems much better.
on line it is possible to find the ifttt manual

Posted a Driver for AwAir Elements

post: [Release] AwAir Elements Driver - co2 air quality monitor

Thank you @Digital_BG!

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Is there any plan to add Virtual Air Quality Sensor with a bunch of capabilities enabled?
Would be cool to have it in order to send information to it via Maker API