Car detection (driveway or garage)

Any recommendations for a sensor to see if their is a car in the garage or driveway

I have a 2 my q for my garage doors but they can’t tell me if the cars are in the garage

I made an ultrasonic range sensor for checking if the car is in the garage. No thoughts on the driveway.

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To be honest I’m really only interested in garage but it might be nice to have a light flash green when door dash guy pulls up in the driveway or something

For the driveway, I’m using the new Dahua (Amcrest) integration with the camera I have pointed at the driveway. But that doesn’t help with the garage. (Unless you have another camera in the garage)

That integration is in HPM.

I'm using this with three bluetooth beacons...It works great. It was in beta and now may be on hold. hopefully it will be available soon.

I use Amcrest cameras and a Camect AI DVR with @brianwilson's awesome integration. It's pretty much 100%. But it will detect cars coming or going, not actually in the garage, so you'd need a but of logic to help out.

Depending on your car habits and your use case, might could do what I do and use a Bluetooth beacon in the car to detect a person’s presence in the car. Combine that with a person’s presence and you could deduce when a certain car is at home or not. If a car’s presence at home means it is always parked in the garage (as opposed to in the driveway or street) then that could be an easy solution. Super simple setup and very reliable for me.

Plus it allows triggering routines based on when a person gets in or out of the car, even if not at home. For example, trigger a routine when you get in your car after work at the office.

You could install a beam sensor to be notified of a car comes up your driveway. Here is an example of one that can work with HE via contact sensor:

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