Car block heater

I have ordered a hub but shipping to sweden takes quite a long time during these times so I have been busy reading some here on the forum. I am using smartthings today. one thing that I can not find information about is how you manage the block heater timer. Today i have a custom dth for the relay where i can set departure time and a webcore script that set the start time based on the outside temperatur. Is there someone here that has accomplished something simular with hubitat?
It would also be nice to have a daschboard tile where you coud set departure time.

What kind of rules and conditions are you using for the block heater? I think you should be able to do it with rule machine.
As for daskboard. Are you asking about a switch to stop/pause the rule or turn off the relay? HE has local and cloud dashboards as well.

For example if the outside temperature is 0 c° the block heter wil turn on 30 min before set departure time an if it is -10 c° outside it wil start 60 min before departure time and so on.
As for daskboard i was thinking a tile where yoy can se departure time an if pressed you can change depardure time.
Sorry for my english.

If your departure time is fixed then it's pretty straightforward with rule machine and dashboard.

Okay but I have diferent departure time olmost every day. I cant be the only one in this situation?

I think what you want is this:

I am not the one to ask how it works, I have never tried it. I seem to remember a Hubitat Live on Youtube where Bruce demonstrated this. Anyone remember which episode?


The tricky part is what are you using manage your daily departure time so hubitat knows the 30 mins before departure.
Google calendar > IFTTT > Hubitat could be a solution.

As @neonturbo suggested, you can do this with a variable connector for a dashboard tile. I do something similar for a couple of different rules. The rules trigger when the variables are changed.

Thankes for the help. It seams like this is a posible solution. My hub is still stuck in los angeles but i wil try this out when it arives.

Hi tobbegabbe86! Did you manage to make such rule? There has been discussion of same thing in our Finnish FB forum and ready solutions would be more than welcome :smile:

Yes I made it work with a variable departure time in rulemachine. But I did not like the interface in the dashboard. I now run my dashboard throu hassio and have delited the rule I made. Sorry😔