Capturing Scenes and Controlling Brightness using LIFX Color Bulbs

I have a room with 4 LIFX BR30 Color bulbs. Whether using scenes or groups I can very easily control these bulbs for CT. However, when in RGB and trying to set a scene I cannot adjust the dimmer level, whether I reference the group or the individual bulbs. Further, the easiest way to set a color is with the LIFX app on my iPhone. Once I set the color in iOS I don't seem to be able to get Hubitat to recognize the color change (via Capture Scene) as it records the last value set in HE. I tried turning polling on but the shortest period is 5 minutes, I'm fine with that if it's the answer but it didn't seem to work. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I couldn't find guidance on the forum or in the documentation. I have a C7 with the latest firmware installed. Any advice?

Thanks, Joe

Experiencing the same issue. Hubitat drivers aren't updating changes made to the lights via tools like the LIFX app, Amazon Alexa, and sometimes WebCoRE.

My only thought is that they may be using the cloud API while LIFX and Hubitat work locally? Regardless, it's very problematic that Hubitat doesn't pick-up the updated bulb states.

I have 7 LIFX bulbs of varying types, so this is not restricted to a specific model.

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