Capture/Restore, Device Refresh or Poll?

Can someone please explain what the different actions under Capture/Restore, Device Refresh or Poll?

I have searched for descriptions here and in the documentation.

Specifically, which action would I use to ensure Ithe device data is current?


In short, either a refresh or poll should work, though refresh is more widely supported (actually don't know offhand what the difference is, except my guess is that poll might only be concerned with the switch state and not other attributes that may come from the device; it's ultimately up to each driver). The capture and restore actions are specific to the rule, intended to save the device states while you do something else (e.g., set a weird color) so you can restore the previous state later--so not of concern here.

A longer answer: devices should just report state back to the hub on their own, so none of this is usually necessary. An exception would be devices that do implement the poll() command (check the commands at the top of the device detail page), which are generally older Z-Wave devices that don't due to a patent issue. If that's not happening for other devices, there could be a problem worth investigating.

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Its a Z-wave energy monitor.

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I have a zigbee power monitor running into the same issue. Sometimes, it's just not reporting back the change. I have to click the devices refresh button. I'd like to schedule that refresh, but when rule machine asks me which device to refresh, it isn't in the list. The device is using the "Generic Zigbee Outlet" "type".

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