Capture multiple lights

I have a Sage doorbell sensor that works as expected. When the sensor button is triggered by the physical doorbell button it sends a signal as 'button 1'.

I'm trying to create a rule or rules to change the color of light bulbs in the house when the senor is triggered. The rule works for a single bulb if its the only rule that triggers with the push of the doorbell. The doorbell is pressed, the light turns on (or remains on), turns green for a few seconds, and then returns to the original on/off state.

If I try to use a bulb group with two color lights (same brand/model) if either light is on, both lights return to the 'on' state at the end. This is not optimal as the two lights are rarely on at the same time. I've even tried two separate rules, one for each light triggered by the doorbell, and I get the same results as if I had them grouped.

I'm wondering how I can get this rule to work with two lights at the same time even if their starting states are different.

The rule I'm using that works with a single bulb called 'Livingroom Lamp RGB'.

IF (Livingroom Lamp RGB(off) is on(F) [FALSE]) THEN
Set wasOn to true
Set wasOn to false
On: Livingroom Lamp RGB --> delayed: 0:00:00.5
Color Temperature: Livingroom Lamp RGB: 6500: 100
Delay 0:00:02
Capture: Livingroom Lamp RGB
Set color: Livingroom Lamp RGB ->Green ->Level: 100
Delay 0:00:03
Restore: Livingroom Lamp RGB
Delay 0:00:05
IF (( Variable wasOn(true) = false(F)
Off: Livingroom Lamp RGB

A group device only has a single state, so if you capture and restore a group device, all of the bulbs in that group will be the same afterwards (exactly what this state is--notably, on or off--depends on some options you have in the Groups app when you create these). If you want to capture multiple bulbs with possibly-different settings as part of the same device, then what you really want is a scene and not a group. These can have "capture" and "restore" devices created for them to make this easy.

But capturing and restoring multiple bulbs is also possible. Your example only has a single device being captured from what I see, and it's not clear to me from that or the description where you are experiencing a problem. It should be noted that a "Capture" action will erase all previous captures, so you need to either capture all the devices at once or restore anything you care about (and make sure its state changes) before capturing again.

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