Capability Request

@bravenel could you consider adding a capability for electrical "CurrentMeasurement" please?

This would complete the existing "PowerMeter", "EnergyMeter" and "VoltageMeasurement" capabilities.


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Might want to specify the device you are talking about. Current measurement is already available on my Aeon Wall Wart.



Your screenshot just shows "states" from any device ..... it's not really anything to do with a device specifically, it's a request to add a capability i.e. on

Capabilities are "Folders" or a "Macro" of Attributes and Commands within device drivers. They simplify and normalize Attributes and Commands in the creation of Device Drivers. The ability to add any random Attribute has existed always.

I thought they were just mapped attributes and functions, ie just a common name for mapping a specific device attribute or function so that you can select it in a program or rule. I never used current for anything in any of my rules or programs. Just knew it was available in some of my drivers and not in others.

I never heard of them as being folders or macros. Learn something new every day.

PS I get what he is asking now. The capability isn't available globally for use in programs and/or rules to be called.

"Folders" or a "Macro" is my shorthand for Capability.

If you look in any of the Capabilities in the documentation, you can see that some capabilities have but one Attribute and zero Commands:

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 9.09.24 AM

While others have multiple Attributes and Commands:

It's a means to 'force' device drivers to have a common set of results for similar devices. A device driver for a switch could be written without using Capabilities.. just add attributes and commands.. even name them something odd. That would exclude that device from ANY app that creates a Selection list based on "capability.switch"

I may be off base here but aren't the capabilities part of the Z-Wave specification? If correct then the Hubitat Capabilities cannot include any parameters that do not exist in the Z-Wave specification.

I'm not sure but I thought Zigbee was similar.

Not the same. Hubitat's Capabilities initially mimicked ST. But there have been divergence since... Pushable Button and Fan Control come quickly to mind.

Adding a Capability to a Driver's Metadata is almost, but not quite the same, as adding the individual Attributes and Commands that are within the definition. Which is why "macro" or "folder" is what comes to mind, for me.