Capability Request - Water Flow Rate

Thanks. They don't know me from Adam, but the lead for assistance was put in their court...we'll see if they contact you.

Any news an a new capability for pulse / rate counters?

I can tell you for sure that it won't be in the upcoming 2.2.4 release. We are planning capabilities additions for 2.2.5.


There are a few suggestions I'd like to submit concerning capabilities / attributes for control of Fans, Polling, Button events. Is there a preferred way for me to submit and explain the rationale / use case?

I just purchased several of the Fortrezz flow meters so looking forward to seeing this in 2.2.5.

Won't be in 2.2.5. Later.

You could try to port from smarthings.

It seems to have ported OK by just replacing 'physicalgraph' with 'hubitat'. The GPM events are a little wonky but the overall consumption counter seems to be accurate. (I tested it by filling graduated measuring cups and comparing the number reported.)


Liquid Flow Rate will be added into 2.2.6
capability "LiquidFlowRate"
attribute rate NUMBER, unit LPM | GPM


If it's not already on the list could you consider "CurrentMeasurement" too please?

current measurement?, current measurement of what exactly...
ah, current, as in electrical, not current as in right now...
sure we can do current


With the advent of this in 2.2.6 -
Capability Request - Water Flow Rate

I'm wondering what simple counting and zigbee communicating device folks would use, for example, if they wanted to employ a meter that generated pulses like this one:

Not looking for a full blown controller, just the counter.

I am using one of the Adafruit ones with a Pi Zero. I have a bit of Python code that runs to capture the pulses and send them to Hubitat and to InfluxDB.

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And as a suggestion, and I think this one is really simple to do and very useful, as Hubitat is adding these metering capabilities, I assume Hubitat will be updating the documentation to show the new Capabilities. I think it would also be helpful as Hubitat is doing that to set out the "units" for the measurement. The "obvious" way is just use the units defined in the z-wave standard SDS14305 for electricity measurements ""KWh", "kVARh", "%", "unitless", ""kVAR", "V", "A", "kW", (as well as other meter types) -- supplementing, as needed, if there are additional units that Zigbee uses. This seems obvious, and I'm guessing developers may already do this, but its not clearly defined anywhere and identifying the recommended "units" nomenclature helps when one wants to process data received over the Maker API / event stream interfaces where the underlying driver may be unknown.

In ref to FortrezZ Flow Meter Interface,

Your code was able to sync up the FMI to my DAE VM-75P Positive Displacement Water Meter, Everything looks perfect however the cumulative number is off 1/10 ,
Example, 110 gallons gets moved, cumulative will show 11. Is there an easy update I can make to the code? Thank you

or perhaps a calibrate setting .....

@mike.maxwell Was this ever implemented? I did not see this news about it.

It is in the list :

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I had the exact same issue with the Fortrezz 1.5 inch meter, which reports 1 pulse per gallon vs the 3/4 or 1 inch meters which report 10 pulses per gallon.

See thread here:

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