Capability Image Capture and Dashboard template


I am in the final phases of building a driver for a home camera, the device is now working and has the Image Capture capability plus it's populated the image variable.

Now I would like to show the actual image in a dashboard, but can not seam to find out how to make this work.

Is there a way of specifying the device image variable on the dashboard template?

Thanks in advance for any help,

If the image is ‘static’ i.e a picture, refreshed every n seconds then you could actually present it as an attribute in the driver
That way you could use an attribute tile on a dashboard.
You already have the image url so just need to wrap it up in < img > html tags and send it with a ‘sendEvent’ statement as an attribute

It really depends on how the image is presented.


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Yes the image url / path is always the same, it just gets refreshed whenever I make the request.
I was not aware that we could add HTML tags

Now you know :slight_smile:
Try it, and let me know if you get stuck
You might need to play about with the size etc to get it to display correctly, but that’s easy enough to do



Thanks I got it working but I think I am actually going to stick with the image til even if it's a hard coded link.
It's more user friendly, when clicked I get the full screen image :slight_smile:

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