Capabilities JSON Metadata File

I am not sure if this will be of any use to anyone, but I couldn't find anything like it anywhere and I needed it for a hobby project I am working on so I thought someone else might find it useful.

I scraped the Hubitat device capabilities page and generated a JSON metadata file for the capabilities. You can find it here.


Great addition!
I was looking for something like this, how did you generate this? (find the commands, attributes..)

You may also find that GetAttributeApp gives you a little more specific info.

The list above is by Capability but real device drivers often combine capabilities and that's what GetAttributeApp helps with.

GetAttributeApp on github

You pick devices and it creates a "Report" that looks like:


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I scraped Driver Capability List - Hubitat Documentation with a C# console app. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the above linked JSON is just metadata for capabilities, not any kind of live interrogation of a device. You might use it if you were building some kind of web-driven groovy code generator for devices (which is not what I am working on but would be cool). The Maker API provides the real-time device interrogation fairly well, although I'm trying to request to get the schema that it exposes cleaned up a bit in a different thread.

With the new Hubitat documentation, hoping there is a Hubitat Capabilities JSON that was developed and could be shared. It looks like there are updates located here . Tagging @mike.maxwell to understand what is possible.

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There isnt a capability JSON, several capability attributes format their data in JSON and some drivers and integrations use JSON when communicating with native devices.