Capabilities, Attributes and Values for Hubitat


Is there a list of supported capabilities, attributes and supported values for Hubitat posted somewhere? If not, can you please make such a document and link it here for developers to reference.


I don't think there is an official document for HE but I use this smartthings link to refer too. HE pretty much supports all of them. There may be a few not supported that are really rare.

I do agree that HE needs to step up the documentation game though as there are some differences specific to HE that you can only find info on in the forum. One example is button implementation.


Yeah. We could really use some much better docs.

It's tricky enough trying to get your head around a new language (groovy), but when it's not obvious whether you've buggered it up yourself, or you're trying to do something the wrong way... it can be a bit hit and miss :wink:

-- Jules


Official, list, hot off the press today...

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Fantastic! Thank you. You guys are awesome.



I see #9 on the list states "Button" yet everything I have seen in the forim says it isn't supported and should be changed to pushableButton?


Keep looking...,
We don't delete capabilities yet.

Probably should have been clearer, it is in the schema currently, so technically it could be used, however we don't use it in any or our apps or drivers, we never liked it, so we came up with our own which is very serviceable.
A capability that is truly unsupported, meaning it isn't defined in our schema will throw an error when trying to save the driver code.