Can't View Full Notification in iOS App

A notification which exceeds the 2 allotted display rows cannot be opened to view the remainder of the message. See image 1 below where the first two notifications are truncated. Clicking, long-pressing or swiping doesn't expand the message to view it in full. The full message is in my hub logs. I am able to long press on the notification in iOS notification center to view the message in its entirety (image 2), but if I click on it and the app opens, I lose the ability and I'm forced to dig into the logs. This behavior also occurs on my iPad (although the extra screen real estate does allow me to see more of the messages that don't have line breaks). Thanks for any help!
iOS 15.3.1, Hubitat App v1.2.5 build 129.


Tagging @moncho1138 in case he isn't aware that the iOS app doesn't allow you to see the full text of notifications on the "Notifications" page (as in the first screenshot above--the app, not the OS itself). On Android, tapping the notification in this list will open the full text, so that seems to be fine, but this doesn't seem to work via any method I can find, either, on iOS.

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Yes I have never been able to get this work on iOS either, only works if you have the notification still on the device but if you clean that you cannot see the full text from the app as OP explained. Would be great to get this fixed in the app please!

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