Cant update my c8 to current

I get a could not fetch latest version information note. When I go into network. I can ping both locally and externally by both name or address. im running . Ive gone back to the c5 for now until i get the c8 calmed down. Ive done soft resets, I hit the button on the bottom all the traditional diagnostic steps.

I was just reading your Facebook posts. Can you send me your C8 MAC address in a PM?

On fb messenger

Glad to hear you're back online. Let us know if you have any more problems.

For others following, there was a bug in an older 2.3.4 update that wasn't dealing properly when hub was switching between wired and wireless connection. Although the hub was connected via Ethernet, joining the Wi-Fi network too allowed the hub to connect properly. Users running 2.3.5 version and newer shouldn't encounter this problem, as the bug was already fixed.