Can't update C8 Firmware

Got my new C8 hardware, following these instruction to migrate from C7 to C8 How to Migrate to a New Hub | Hubitat Documentation

Did the cloud update on the C7 with the latest firmware ( and shutdown. Brought C8 online which is running so going to update firmware and I can't get it past this screen. I've tried everything I can think of. Soft reset, multiple reboots, disabled PiHole completely and it will never see the new firmware. I'm at a loss what to do next.


Adding in, if I go through the diagnostic tool and try "Download Latest Version" I get this:

Did you "claim" your hub in the Hubitat portal?, login with your username and follow the directions.

If you have a hacked firestick and are blocking updates from AWS then your hub won't be able to update. Not that i would ever hack anything but some people...

I thought I did, but when I go through the link you provided it only finds the old C7 hub (which is unplugged and off). If I go to the new hub and try to register it asks for the UN/PW and acts like it's registering it but then comes back showing that it needs to be registered. Maybe registration is down?

Also to your earlier comment I don't have a hacked firestick, and I know I can reach updates because I updated the firmware on my C7 literally minutes before I plugged in the C8.

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Did another soft reset and now I'm stuck on the registration screen ::


Try going to Settings|Network Setup|Override DNS Settings, paste in,,,, and click Override.

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That got me to the backup page, but when going into the Diagnostics page to update the firmware I get the same "could not fetch latest firmware" error as above.

No clue what changed but it's finally downloading new firmware. Maybe the service was down and I had bad timing


There were some issues reported with website IIRC. Don't know if it was from 80,000 hubs being registered at the same time, but can hope so.

Glad you got it sorted