Can't Turn Off Devices in Mobile App

When I turn on a device in the Android mobile app the device icon blinks green and the device turns on. What does the blinking mean? When I press the icon again, the device will not turn off and continues to blink. Any ideas?

PS: The devices in the App Dashboard work fine, it's only on the Light/Switches utility that has a problem.

I just tried it. It works okay for me. No blinking.

What device model/brand are these?

Please clarify this.

  • Do you mean this works fine if you use a desktop or laptop computer with the Hubitat dashboard?

  • Do you mean these are devices that have their own app, like a Wifi device like Kasa, and it works fine from that different app but not Hubitat?

  • Or do you mean that the devices work fine when you go to Devices tab in Hubitat, then select a device, then manually operate the device?

I'm thinking he means this:

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