Can't rename WIZ Bulbs

Super new to HE and trying to get some initial things set up. I'm using the "WIZ integration" to control some RGB bulbs I picked up. The bulbs were discovered without issue, but I can't seem to rename them. They just show up as "Wiz RGBW Light on [ip address]" In the device properties page I can rename them, hit save, and refresh the page and it all looks correct. But as soon as I back out to the devices page or the rooms page, the name reverts to the generic name.
Am I missing something?

Set the name under "device label" instead of changing "device name."


Thank you both for the simple and straightforward answer and for not ridiculing such a simple oversight.

This is a much different experience compared with the smart things hub I'm coming from. But I love that so much is available to me rather than hidden behind the scenes.


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