Can't refresh "Fibaro Switch"

In Rule Machine I can't set it to refresh a fibaro switch, although I can do it manually in devices. Sometimes the switch is turned on by RM and is reported in devices as being "on", but it's not. If I refresh the state changes to off. It would be useful to do a forced check of the state prior to a rule running.

Hubitat ElevationĀ® Platform Version

Hardware Version
Rev C-7

When this happens, it's normally intentional; Rule Machine looks for the device driver declaring the refresh capability, which requires the "refresh" command to be implemented in the driver. However, the driver can implement "refresh" as a (custom) command without declaring the capability, and that is what a lot of Z-Wave Plus devices do that shouldn't need a refresh to get accurate states back to the hub in the first place, perhaps to discourage this usage.

You can still do this in a rule if you really want to; just use a custom command (rather than the pre-made refresh action in RM; custom commands are another type of action you'll find in the menus). I might also look into why the device itself doesn't seem to be reporting as expected (driver issues? mesh problems?), but that's another story. :slight_smile:

What Fibaro switch is it? And what driver are you using?

It's the FGS-213 single switch using the standard in built drivers in hubitat simply called "Fibaro Switch"